How real talent gets wasted in the Indian Education System

How real talent gets wasted in the Indian Education System

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·Jun 11, 2021·

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Not everyone is passionate about wildlife photography or theater. Some people are also passionate about science and technology.

When Rahul turned eight his father gifted him his first computer his first device. It was love at first sight Rahul would spend hours on his computer.

He explored the internet and taught himself programming. He watched hours of online lectures and read hundreds of ebooks. He acquired all basic skills and worked really hard to reach the advanced level by the time. He reached class sixth.

Rahul had perfected his skills in html, css, java, javascript, python and php. Also C++, Data Structures Algorithms and System Design. From juniors to seniors everyone came to him to clear their doubts.

He used to win every hacking competition, hackathon and Programming contests he participated in. He was a true computer genius.

This was exactly the problem. Rahul was a genius only in computers. He would get a hundred in computers but barely managed to pass in other subjects.

He appeared for his 10th board exam and his result was quite good. But when he appeared for his 12th board, his results were average for a science sudent to get a computer science degree from a good college in india.

You have to be among the top most rankers in engineering entrance exams. You have to be the best in solving MCQs in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

No good college would admit rahul simply because of his genius in computers. This fact really depressed rahul. However, he accepted his reality and joined a coaching institute along with his best friend Agastya. The coaching was supposed to prepare them for entrance exams those two years were the worst time of their lives.

Rahul and Agastya would attend their school, attend their coaching classes, walk back home, depressed, wishing they did not exist at all. Rahul's computer and ebooks were replaced by sheets of daily practice problems. He was particularly weak in chemistry organic or inorganic. He failed to understand the subject.

He did not have enough time to teach himself the latest technological updates in programming. He gradually drifted away from his first love computers.

The day of the entrance examination arrived and rahul got nervous. He could not solve a single question in chemistry. He got a panic attack in the middle of the exam which affected his performance in other sections of the question paper as well as expected Rahul failed in every entrance exam he appeared for.

The same people who consulted Rahul for the doubts and computers were now pursuing computer science in topmost engineering colleges in india not because they were better than him in computers. Simply because they were better than him in solving MCQs.

Rahul was completely devastated his confidence was shattered. He felt as if he was not good enough in anything.

The worst part however was that India lost a true computer genius just because he was not good enough in chemistry.

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